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From Captain America Vol. 1 #158 (Feb. 1973) by Steve Englehart and Sal Buscema:

Narrator: Tremors of nausea still slide within him, as he rolls toward his partner.

Steve: Pray God I’m in time! Please, Sam… Please…

Narrator: Then color returns to Sam Wilson’s cheeks…and breathing steadies into a regular thing…which is when Steve Rogers’ breathing steadies, too.

A look—only one—passes between them. For they are men, and more would embarrass. But they know what’s left unsaid.

And other things must be done.


Sam: Got it, Steve. And…well, you know. See you later.

Oh, god, now I ship it. I know CA2 will bring the Steve/Bucky, but maybe we could have some Steve/Sam, too?  Speaking of MCU!Steve/Sam, have a rec: Kiss and (Don’t) Tell.